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Roman Numbers


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Roman to Arabic and viceversa number conversion.

Ateneo Libri

Free site for the exchange of academic books directly from students, FREE OF CHARGE brokerage. The sale is NOT online. The contacts between buyers and sellers are managed from the site, allowing full protection of PRIVACY. Register and the only visible will be given your username you chose. So you can:

  • enter the details of the books that you want to sell and to be contacted by the buyers. Receive messages on the email address that you provided at registration and will remain hidden from the buyers, and messages will also be visible on your personal area on the site;
  • view books for sale and contact sellers through the site. Your message will be visible on the site, only the area of the recipient and your personal air staff and will also be notified on the e-mail address.

Only when you choose, you decide where to meet for the transaction.

La Divina Commedia


Probably the best poem writter in the World.

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AteneoLibri Feed v.1.0.0


An Rss Feed for AteneoLibri WebSite.

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Odissea (Omero)

One of the 2 epic poem written by Omero.

Iliade (Omero)


One of the 2 epic poem written by Omero.

Colorblind test

Colorblind test

A free test for people with color blindness.

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