Windows Phone

Windows Phone applications made

Where did I park?



Can’t you ever remember the last place you parked your vehicle? No problem! Now you can use “Where did I park?” to store this information. Finding your car has never been so easy!

AteneoLibri Feed



Feed RSS for AteneoLibri website.

Roman Numbers



A roman numbers converter and vice versa. Useful for tourists that visit Rome and its historical monuments.



Tired of spending too much money for your fuel and unable to remember how much you spent last time?

This application can help you solve your problem, as it allows you to know which gas station is the cheapest one nearby! How? Each time you refuel, you’ll only have to fill in these blanks: price per liter (in your currency), date and amount of money spent . With the information given, the application will calculate how much fuel you put in your car and order all you supplies per date.  If you want, the gas stations can also be geolocalized and this will also let the application show you on a map all the gas stations you went to and their distance from where you are right now!


Submitting version 2.0.0



Do you need to know how your blood pressure (or the one of a relative or close friend) changes but you don’t remember the former measurements results? Simply enter the information required each time you have your blood pressure measured and the application will keep track of everything for you, listing all the results per date! Don’t worry, it can even send the e-mail with all the details to your doctor!



Do you know the Mayan prediction of the End of the World? Well… according to it, the last day would be the 21st of December 2012 (in our calendar, of course!). This application, which has  a very beautiful layout,  simply calculates the number of days, houres and minutes that separate us from that fateful date…!


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