How to install Windows 8 Developer Preview

Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview from the follow link Choose your version.

Download and install Oracle VirtualBox.

  1. Launch VirtualBox and create a New virtual machine (VM).
  2. Create a new VM with Windows 8 Developer Preview OS. Next
  3. Select at least half the RAM on your machine. Next
  4. Create a new Hard Drive. Next
  5. Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image). Next
  6. Select Dynamically Allocated. Next
  7. Set the position and the size (a minimum of 80GB is required) of the Virtual Drive. Next
  8. Create.
  9. A new empty Virtual Machine was created.

To install the relative OS load the .iso image on a virtual optical device in the guest machine.

  1. Open VirtualBox and launch the Virtual Machine created before
  2. Follow the procedure of the first start
  3. Choose the installation support (the virtual optical device where you loaded the .iso image
  4. Wait until the OS installation is finished

For developers:

After Windows 8 installation, launch the new OS and download Microsoft® Visual Studio® 11 Developer Preview (Web installer) from

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